Forgiveness is the New Jubilee

I’m excited to announce that I was able to give one of my first speaking engagements and workshops on 4Giveness+™ since I launched one of my new businesses, known as Project GIANNA™ in association with Forgiveness Therapy Academy™ on March 4, 2023. In this 1-Day Live Workshop, at San Francisco de Asis Catholic Church, we had over 120 people attend from across the State of Arizona with only ‘word of mouth’ to help us spread the word. We did a little bit of advertising in the parish bulletins for about three consecutive weeks, and it was also placed on the parish website ‘banner’. Still, we had people attending from Valley and beyond.

People even reported healing of forgiveness and the beginning of reconciliation on that day, and even since then. Some have started participating in the Holy Mass as an entire family again for the first time since COVID-19, some decided to stop abusing substances for the entire time since they participated in the workshop, and some decided to stop participating in abusive relationships and work on getting healthy, physically and psychologically. These are just the ones who I know about as of the date that this post was last updated.

Not everyone who attended was Catholic, yet nobody was rejected. My motive was and always will be healing. But, for the sake of truth, I refused to accept any advertising. Below is the info that was included in the brochure. Registration is now closed. Contact me if you are interested in a similar or different workshop.

The Spiritual and Psychological Way to Heal from Anger and Pain

The Spiritual and Psychological Way to Heal from Anger and Pain

Dear SFDA Parishioners, Friends, and Family:

I discovered early in my career that all of my clients had unresolved anger and pain, so I searched for answers about how to treat trauma. As part of my search for answers to help others heal, I also found my way to the one and only true God and His Church.

Even once I discovered Forgiveness Therapy, which worked better than anything else, and was part of what led to my conversion as a Catholic…many of my clients still met me with anger, resistance, or would outright run away from healing.

I refused to give up on my clients because I knew that forgiveness is central to healing trauma.

I discovered what was missing, so I invested in one-on-one training for several years from the best in the business. Yet, Forgiveness Therapy was still the answer! To my surprise, I recently received an official endorsement as “the best Forgiveness Therapy clinician in the country” from Robert D. Enright, Ph.D., who is regarded as “the Father of Forgiveness Therapy”, as well as from Dennis Blang, Director of the International Forgiveness Institute. If I am the best, it’s only because I’ve learned from the best!

Now, in this 1-Day Live Workshop, alongside Fr. William Schmid, I’ll share with you the spiritual and psychological way to heal from anger and pain after relational trauma and injustices. When you register, you’ll get practical tools and guidance that you can implement immediately to help you identify the cause of your anger, get past unconscious resistances, and develop a deeper understanding of forgiveness. PLUS, you’ll get a roadmap for how to begin your forgiveness jubilee so that you can work towards healing and wellness, all while growing in the virtue of love!

*Additional information about an opportunity to complete a research-based measure of where each individual person was at on his or her forgiveness journey, as well as the cost for materials (book and custom journals), complimentary lunch, and a Plan for the Day were provided.

Original publication date 03.09.2023. Post last updated on 2.22.2024.

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