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Requests for advice about your personal matters are professional business matters that require my general or clinical consultation and require a minimum payment of $35 to this website should be sent to me via email. Please note that I reserve the right to use any general question on The G Word blog portion of my website.

To keep your questions private, within the limits of confidentiality as required by law, send a minimum payment of $45 to this website. Please note that this amount is the same as a 15-minute phone consultation. You may receive a faster, more personalized response through the use of a phone consultation.

As a matter of security, do not send attached files.

And, please your own sake, either manually type the following subject line into the subject section of your e-mail window, or copy and paste it into the subject area of the window.

Forgiveness Therapy – Gianna Elms, LCSW

Any email that does not have this subject line may be deleted as SPAM.

Please allow up to one week for a response for email questions.

Free Help

This website is dedicated to providing education about how to heal from anger through forgiveness by replacing hate with love, so that we may all work together by reducing the anger and aggression in the world, restore justice and peace, and end generational trauma.

My motive is healing, and everything on this website and recommended readings have been made available to all, free of charge, so that others may learn from my writings and the writings of others who I have learned from, in the hope that integrity and real love might flourish.

I have incurred a lot of time and expenses associated with this public service. No one pays me for any of this. So, if you have learned anything from this website, and you would like to say “thank-you” for what you have learned, you may do so by sending a donation in gratitude, even if it’s just a few dollars to help off-set my costs.

We often have to learn the hard way. Effective psychotherapy requires that psychotherapists often need to offer services in a way that may seem “counter” to what clients expect or want from us, in order for them to learn and heal. Psychotherapy is hard work, but it is worth it.

There’s a part of me that wishes that the unconscious wasn’t such a maze and that I could more easily resolve all of the pain in the world. But that’s not my job and it misses the point.

If you need further help, you may learn more about by reviewing BOOK A CALL.

Permissions Policy

Would you like permission to reproduce material from my website? Please understand that your desire in itself is a declaration that you have received benefit from my work. Therefore, it is fitting that you send a minimum donation of $45 before I will consider your request for permission.

Please note that academic tradition allows, short, properly cited quotes in academic papers to be used without seeking permission from the author or publisher.

Please also note that if you intend to use the information on this website in a business setting (e.g. school, hospital, private practice, business website, blog with advertising, continuing education units, etc.), I will require a royalty to be paid in proportion to the financial gain expected to result from your project. The amount of this royalty can be negotiated after I receive your initial donation.

Finally, please be sure that the information that you would like to reproduce is actually within my ability to authorize. If it is copyrighted information, you will need to contact the original author or publisher and adhere to their Permissions Policies.

Forgiveness Therapy Academy™

I am only one woman, with no office staff. My schedule is by appointment only. If you are interested in learning how to forgive and need help with that as a clinician, you are free to schedule one-on-one like any other client.

However, if your organization is interested in a workshop, class, or training program, please email me and include the nature, type, size, and scope of your program, as well as the initial amount that you propose for the contract and the royalties that you offer to pay me for my time. Please also include any other terms and conditions that you have in mind, such as if you have a timeline for response, when your event will take place, if the event will be recorded and, if it will be recorded, what medium of recording, and so on. Please provide as much detail as you can provide me, in writing, as possible.

Please allow up to one week for a response.


I do not accept advertising on this website. All requests will be marked as spam and deleted.

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