Workshops and Training


    • Do you need a speaker for an upcoming conference or workshop?
    • Are you an employer who would like to offer training in-house from an experienced, licensed or certified professional who specializes in areas that you believe has the potential to help with professional development?
    • Do you need Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for your licensure or certification?
    • Are you ready to learn more about how to achieve wellness, forgiveness, or social justice?


Professional development and continuing education are a requirement for most licensures and certifications. It is your responsibility to determine whether the trainings that I offer will meet the requirements for your licensure(s) and/or certifications, which vary state to state and by each license and certification. Generally speaking, if the training that I provide is offered through your employer or an organization that is already accredited to provide CEUs, then your state or certification provider is more likely to accept it.



Concierge and online workshops for professionals are available upon request. While I am able to speak on any number of topics that I have treated, my personal experience and professional expertise, and current areas of specializations, here are some workshops that are ready and available for me to speak about. 

    • Resolving Unconscious Anger with Forgiveness
    • ADA Compliant Psychotherapy
    • Domestic Violence: What Can You Really Do? 
    • Psychotherapy for Migraine and Chronic Pain


You will need to determine if your request for me to speak would meet these terms and how long of a workshop you would like on a particular topic. I am also available to provide clinical supervision and consultation for professionals.


Nothing is more important than finding the peace that you deserve. Schedule your no obligation consultation today. Wellness is just around the corner.

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