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    • Do you see problems in our laws and would like to bring about change?
    • Would you like to ensure that your policies at your business or government entity are in compliance with the law?
    • Are you a lawyer who could use the help of a detailed researcher in areas of public policy and law to help you in your practice?
    • Are you a legislator who needs a bill well researched and drafted because your constituents have brought an idea to you?


Matters of public policy and law are very complex, which may vary state-to-state and federal regulations and law can complicate matters more particularly if you are an employer, business, government organization, or religious institution. Case law is essentially a ruling that is determined by a court based on whether a law is legal, constitutional, or as a matter of precedent for interpreting a law and how it can be applied in future cases that may come before courts within the court’s jurisdiction. Sometimes, the court’s ruling, which makes “case law” is what actually requires the legislature to go back and rewrite laws and/or enact new ones, repeal laws, and/or fix language to help the courts better understand the original intent of the law. Once the courts get involved, the process can be very time consuming, costly and is more adversarial in nature than any election.  

Our country is much divided on matters related to public policy and law, in part, because of the complexity of these issues. Some people say that morals, ethics, and law used to be synonymous, but are no more. If that’s the case, it was before my time, for sure. Laws are constantly changing, and it is hard to keep up with them and to even understand the process or how to find them all, which is why so many lawyers find areas of law to specialize in when they decide to practice law. Whereas my services are best at filling the gap by helping those who want to do good through changing, improving and/or enforcing laws to provide constitutional and consumer protections, and/or becoming voluntarily in compliance with laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended (ADAAA) and other civil rights laws. 


While I am not an attorney and do not provide legal advice, I have acted as a researcher and consultant in matters related to public policy and law in multiple states. My experience in this area began when I was medically retired from the U.S. Air Force. I witnessed a lot of problems with matters related to public policy and access, so I contacted congressional offices that were local to where I lived, regardless of their political affiliation. During that time, both parties were willing to help.

Later, while earning my first master’s degree at one of the top universities in this nation for counseling psychology and particularly rehabilitation counseling, which I was studying, I had the honor of receiving some of my training in ADA directly from one of members of the task force for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He and other members of the task force assisted in writing the ADA and he was also on the South Lawn of the White House on July 26, 1990, when George H.W. Bush signed the world’s first most comprehensive bipartisan civil rights bill into law, which banned discrimination against people who experience disabilities. Also, while in attendance at this same university, I was appointed to serve on two committees on a task force by the Chancellor with the goal of making recommendations for how to make the campus friendlier for a specific population. My recommendations were included in the final report and became a matter of policy for the university. Some of my recommendations even became law for all of the state-sponsored universities within that state. The report is now used as a model nationwide by universities and other campuses and other states have even adopted the legislation. After my accelerated graduation, I was quickly appointed by top management to train staff on matters related to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and frequently received calls from my top management on whether to “approve” exceptions to our public policy as a matter of law. 

Years later, my experience evolved into researching and writing public policy and legislation in other states. I’ve done this directly for legislators, lobbyists, business owners, and private citizens. In addition, I have provided consultation on the rule making and legislative processes. However, I am true to my convictions when it comes to matters of researching and writing policy and legislation. I will not write policy or legislation if it is conflict with my Catholic faith or unconstitutional. I have, however, at times been able to write policies and legislation that I do not personally support because it’s not unconstitutional or illegal. I am objective in my research and have even changed my personal position on bills because, in the end, my research showed that it would benefit the greater good and if it wasn’t done, it could be detrimental. In business, that kind of bill would’ve been called a “loss leader”. 


I have an idea for how the law should be changed, what would you do with it?

That’s a great starting point for an initial one-hour consultation. I would first suggest that you bring me your idea and tell me more about why you believe the law needs to be changed. If it’s not an area of law that I have already addressed with someone else through research or writing legislation or advocacy, I will need to dig deeper and can provide you a quote as to what the cost will be for me to research it and potentially draft the piece of legislation with background points if I believe it’s something that I can do. Sometimes, my research demonstrates that the bill should not be drafted at all or that it should be drafted differently than what you think in order for it to have a better chance of getting it sponsored and ultimately passing because the law already has a provision that just needs modification in one or more areas or not at all. Many times, people are surprised to learn that the law already states exactly what they want it to, but prosecutors are not enforcing it in some jurisdictions. 

What areas of public policies or law have you provided consultation services? Do you have any specialties?

I have acted as a researcher and consultant in drafting legislation in many areas of law at the state level and continue to expand as I am asked to do so. Some of the areas of law that I have drafted legislation include the constitutional protections, veteran’s benefits, protections for elderly and disabled, criminal laws, traffic control, environmental protections, education, consumer protections, prevention of drug trafficking and overdoses, protections for health professionals and first responders, substance abuse supported treatment, domestic violence and child abuse prevention and protections, and many more. Most recently, I have helped businesses and attorneys discover flaws in their contracts that injured consumers and gaps in the law that allow for a monopoly in government contracts to start and ultimately be abused, even at the expense of taxpayers. Federally, I have a lot of familiarity and experience with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), Fair Housing Act (FHA), Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Megan’s Law, as well as the UCMJ and laws related to veterans’ benefits and Social Security, so I have functioned as a consultant in many different capacities to include my roles as a rehabilitation counselor, social worker and ADA coordinator. I encourage you to read more about my background, credentials, and specialties to learn more about areas that I have practiced as an LCSW, CRC, and ADAC.    

Note: This is not an advertisement to provide legal services or legal advice. If you need such services, contact an attorney who is licensed in your state. Always remember to check each State Bar that the attorney advertises as being licensed in to be sure that their license is in good standing.


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