Client Testimonials

Mary H.

Gianna is an excellent therapist. She’s a compassionate and trustworthy advocate. I was treated by Gianna for a couple of years with psychotherapy for complex trauma related to anger at my mother who was abusive to me throughout my childhood and into adulthood. I learned through the course of our work together that I also had anger at my father because he did nothing to protect me and enabled my mother. Gianna acknowledged and compassionately understood my pain. I learned that I am capable of making my own decisions and that I no longer have to run and hide from the world. Gianna also taught me how to set healthy boundaries for self-protection from other potential abusers and to help me to not become a version of my mother. I now have peace, hope, and joy that I am on the path for which I was made. I am so grateful that Gianna was able to help me with such a complex situation of domestic violence and trauma.

Michael C.

Gianna is the only therapist that I have fully trusted with my pain. I was on the verge of losing my career and my family because of my difficulty with anger management. Gianna was able to identify that my anger was just a cover for my pain and even identified the source of my pain within the first session. Even though I acted like a jerk at times, Gianna always treated me as a person worthy of dignity and respect. As a result, Gianna taught me how to forgive my father for abusing me when I was a child. Gianna also helped me to learn how to have healthy communication, especially when I feel triggered. After psychotherapy with Gianna, I became a better husband, father, and manager at work.

Sophia G.

Gianna is a passionate and deliberate therapist. Gianna provided me the space and time to hear what was going on in my life and to see my life differently. I was initially looking for help to sort out all my disillusionment and anxiety about my husband’s struggle with alcohol. I learned that I could not control my husband’s addiction and that I needed to work on myself, psychologically and spiritually. Gianna helped me to work through trauma from my formative years and enlightened me about other dysfunctional relationships that were actually harmful to me and my marriage. I so appreciated Gianna’s approach to teaching me about my unconscious and forgiveness because she provided me a simple, easy, and practical way to understand and implement how and why it would help me heal. It also was not in conflict with my faith and actually supported and strengthened my faith.

Lloyd B.

Gianna is an amazing advocate for the blind and other people with disabilities. She knows the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act like the back of her hand. When she was my counselor, she went to bat for me to help me get a ground-breaking piece of adaptive equipment so that I could maintain my job even at the risk of losing her job as a new counselor. She thought that I was worth the risk and she believed that she was right about the law. In the end, she proved that she was right and we avoided having to go through any appeal or get my lawyer involved. It was such a smooth process once she became my counselor. She’s awesome!


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