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I am Gianna Elms, LCSW. I became a mental health therapist and expert consultant as part of a journey of discovery. Throughout my life, I wanted to help others by relieving their suffering through healing. As a child, and young adult, my plan was to become a medical doctor. I even began my career as a medical technician after graduating from high school early to pursue my goal. However, life took several detours and medical negligence resulted in me not being able to continue pursuing my medical career.

I thought about other options such as other areas of social work and even teaching children. Then, I recalled that I had been nominated to be a peer counselor in middle school and how much people relied upon me even when I was a young child to help them when they experienced difficult emotions. Even after my injuries, people relied on me to listen and help them solve their problems. I have always had an innate way of understanding the human mind and heart. I also had a natural desire to be an advocate, factfinder and active problem solver.

After many years of education, fourteen years of practice and many successful clients, I now dedicate my professional life to helping people experience wellness and serving as an expert witness and consultant. Suffering is a part of our lives. Forgiveness is freedom from suffering.

B.S. Disability Studies

M.Ed. Counseling Psychology

MSW Clinical Social Work

Fellowship in Psychoanalytic Thought

ADA Coordinator Certification

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CRC

Certified ADA Coordinator – ADAC

Qualified Clinical Supervisor/Consultant

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